Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sakaebashi (Sakae-bridge)

object on the bridge
I have already post about some bridges in this city.
In this time, I show you sakaebashi-bridge which is over ebi-river.
There are figures on both side railing of the bridge.
Photo above is a figure which a girl hold up her palms for the sun.
It has a motif of Japanese song, "tenohira o taiyo ni".

object on the bridge Photo above is a figure of Andersen fairly tale.
Funabashi city is a sister city of Odense city.

Railing of the bridge is designed as musical note.

Hilda(My Manila) tagged me yesterday to reveal five details about my self.
Well, I tell you..

1. I prefer beer to sake. but when I have sushi or sashimi, I drink sake.
2. I like walking.
3. My cell phone is FOMA SH903i.
I took photos for my blogs with this camera phone.
4. I am 1.76 meters tall, weigh 73 kilograms.
5. I can talk to flowers and trees.


Malyss said...

Funny to see Andersen's characters so far away from home.
The fact that you like to walk is not a surprise Ü.
I'm more interested to know that you can talk to flowers than by the number of your cell phone.Ü
But what I'd like to know more is :"what do the flowers and trees answer to you when you speak to them?"...

Leica麗香 said...


本当? 私は 5.を関係付ける。

Hilda said...

I like how a lot of your bridges have sculptures. Gives them so much more character.

Thank you for playing, Nobu! I'm glad you like walking. Aside from the fact that it helps keep you healthy, we also get so many pictures of Tokyo and Funabashi because of it! :)

valeria said...

I never thought you would have Andersen's charachters on a bridge!
I enjoyed reading the five details about you.
The fact that you talk to flowers is "soooo Nobu"!!!
and also the fact that LIKE ME, you see faces in old cars... (referred to my post, today). New cars look more or less all the same...

Madison Avenue Baby said...

Love the statues and the musical notes on the bridge.
I am also glad you like to walk so we can see your wonderful photos.
I think your choice of 5 things about you is interesting and I am not surprised you can talk to plants, Nobu. I think they talk to you, too. :)

JM said...

I would never expect to see Andersen's fairy tales figures at Funabashi but I also didn't know Odense is its sister city! :-) Very cool.

tr3nta said...

Love the first shot very, very expressive...

Sherry said...

Nobu, "I can talk to flowers and trees".
Will you marry me? :)

Anonymous said...
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