Monday, December 22, 2008


pre-printed nengajo "Nengajo" is a new year's postcard.
The way to make it are various, write message with brush, design and print with PC, print with stamp...etc.
Photo above is pre-printed crads.

In this time we are busy to write it.
Because we send to those cards so that they arrive on the 1st of January.


JM said...

With the use of internet, the tradition of sending Christmas cards is almost lost here. Glad you still have it.

Hyde DP said...

I had a lovely one from a friend in Tokyo the other day - it is one the wall now with the rest of our Xmas cards.

Alas the haiku master who sent me a haiga card for 25 years has passed on.

Sandradb said...

I'm happy to see there are still people writing Christmas Cards, someone may think it's old fashioned, but I really like writing (and receiving, of course :-)) Christmas cards. Happy Christmas and greetings from Croatia.

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