Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nandina (nanten) in the Bamboo Thicket

nandina in bamboo thicket Here in funabashi, nandina(nanten) is usually planted in garden.
But, sometime it grow in wild.
Photo above is nandina in bamboo thicket.

nandina in garden Photo above is nandina in the garden.
The flower blooms in early summer and the fruit is produced from late fall to early winter.


Bridgett said...

The colors of the holidays! I love it.

valeria said...

I am very confused now. What in Italy we call Nandina is a totally different plant! It has small, mainly red leaves with three points and has a lovely shape, I really like it.
Your nandina has also the fruits...

JM said...

I really like to see nandina and baboo together, lovely composition.

Madison Avenue Baby said...

Hi, Nobu
We have the same nandina here. I used to have lots of it. The seeds sprouted everywhere from the berries. It's a beautiful plant.
The common name here for it is "heavenly bamboo".

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