Sunday, September 28, 2008

Matcha Latte in Doutor Coffee shop

Matcha Latte

"Matcha" is a kind of powdered Green tea.
I thougt those were strange combination "green tea and coffee" and "green tea and milk".

The other day, I drop in Doutor coffee shop
in funabashi to take a picuture of it.
I confess I didn't expect it had good taste for me.
But I was suprised to drink it.
It has a pleasant aroma!!
It is little bitter, and milk is mildly sweet.
It is good for me.
Especially it has a nice finish taste!!


Frankie / Nick said...

I am not suprised that it tasted good. Haven't had Japanese food yet that didn't. Great photograph.

My Life In Montreal said...

I would absolutely love to try that green tea:)

valeria said...

I am just wondering what you would think of my tea... Sometimes I have a green tea and put milk in it (I always put milk in tea). Is it so bad?!?!?

nobu said...

Thanks all.

valeria; I think it is not bad. It's healthy.

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