Friday, August 15, 2008

Woods in summer

woods in summer Today, It was so hot.
I went to the wood to escape from the heat.
As leaves of the trees block sun light, It is cool in the wood.
City agency borrow there from the land owner for long term.
I like walking around there.


magiceye said...

nice place to cool down physically and mentally!

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Anonymous said...

I guess I was never in Funabashi. I was in Sendai, Sapporo, Tokyo and Yokohama. Also in Matsushima, and Shiogama during the period of reconstruction. It was a long time ago but memories are still vivid.

Woods are always cooler by about ten degrees. This is a nice photograph you took.

I have a honey bucket picture on my one blog

if you want to see it. Taken in 1954.

nobu said...

Thanks for your commnts!!

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