Saturday, August 23, 2008

The castoff shell of a cicada

castoff shell of a cicada Japanese cicada comes out from ground every summer.
Almost cicada, here in Funabashi are brown cicada.
When I am home, I heard their continuous chorus of them.
When chrip of cicada stop, it means that fall season is approaching here.


Kelly said...

I am surprised you have cicadas too! I posted one just three days ago! Aren't they neat?

nobu said...

Welcome to my blog and thanks for your comment.
I'v just seen your cicada. yes,they are neat.

Sherry Stewart said...

I miss Cicada Music. I used to live where they sang, but no more, Here, night is pretty still. I miss sound of insects Nobu.

magiceye said...

great capture!

Check out some just littered kittens

nobu said...

Thanks foy your comments!!

mirage2g said...

When I was little I pick them up, those with wings and those drying up. I used to wonder why when I see dried up cicadas, their backs are open then I knew when I saw some newly borns emerging from the back of those drying up ones...

cicada's (music) is used a lot in animes to denote summertime....always effective!

Leica 麗香 said...



nobu said...

hello Mirage.
Yes,cicada chorus is used in lot of drama and movie. I think it is a sysmble of summer.

Hello Leica. I'd like to see your blog.

Leica 麗香 said...


蝉の写真 (私のブログ)

( ^_^)/ドモ

nobu said...

Hi leica, I've just read your blog. I was suprised, because You made your blog all in Japanese. and it is japanese blog serveis ( fc2).
and your blog is so fantastic!!!

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