Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Tachigui Soba

tachigui soba shop This is a Soba shop. (Soba is Japanese noodle)
But it is not a traditional soba shop.
We call such a Soba shop "Tachigui soba".
"Tachigui" means eat something standing.
Usually It is in railway station , and near railway station.

inside of tachigui soba shop Usually we buy a ticket in vending machine in the shop. and give it over the counter.
Soon we get Soba dish. Because Soba is already boiled in such shop.

soba Soba in photo above is 320yen. ( around 3 US$ )

stools of tachigui soba shop In these days, there are usually stools in "Tachigui soba shop".
So we can sit and eat. But we still call it "Tachigui soba".
Such soba shop is popular among the people who want to have quick bite, especially business man who don't have enough time to take a lunch.
But I think it is not popular among women.
I rarelly see a young girle in "Tachigui soba" shop.


magiceye said...

japanese fast food!!

nobu said...

Welcome to my blog. And Thanks for your comment.
SO it is a Japanese first food.
I often go such a shop, when I want to have a quick bite.

mirage2g said...

I make yakisoba but never soups...Id look for recipes in your Oishi blog, this one looks good!

nobu said...

Hello mirage.
sorry, It's a Kitsune Soba.
Soba noodle in hot soup toped with Aburaage.

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