Saturday, July 05, 2008

Stroll road along Ebigawa at central funabashi

stroll road along ebigawaEbigawa (ebi-river) is a narrow river flows in Funabashi city.
Both side of the river are stroll road.
It is a my favorite walking course.
In spring, the cherry blossoms along the river are beautiful.


mirage2g said...

hallo Nobu, why dont you join your blog at the City Daily photo? Mine is vienna daily, here is the link:

See you!

Harry Makertia said...

O My, I love this small road. Beautiful! Wish I have this kinda road in my city..

ptowngirl said...

Looks very peaceful and relaxing! Thanks for your comments on PortsmouthDailyPhoto as well -- I'm not sure why the water is that color blue, but it certainly makes for an interesting photo!

nobu said...

Thanks for your comments!!

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