Sunday, July 06, 2008

Garigari Kun

garigari kun in supermarket "Garigari Kun is most popular ice candy in Japan.
It has been put on market since 1981 by Akagi nugyo.
Usually there are two type of Garigari Kun. soda tast and cola taste.
But more than 50kind of taste of Garigari Kun was sold as a limited term.
Grape, Kyoho grape, Fuji apple, grapefruit, mango, yogurt taste, and so on.

After eat it. If the word "当り" (it means "hit") is written on the stick of the ice, we can get another free for charge.

By the way, the caracter of the ice candy is so funny and lovely!!.
His name is "Garigari".

the photo below is soda taste and sand pear taste.

garigari kun

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